The two organizations will collaborate on a wide range of activities encompassing the DeFi and CeFi sphere, bringing better liquidity to Fantom and more volume to WOO Network

Providing deep liquidity to the Fantom ecosystem

WOO Network can add value to Fantom by providing liquidity on trading pairs for decentralized exchanges, bridges, and other dApps. WOO Network’s existing DeFi solutions, deployed on Ethereum and other networks like…

WOO Network integrates with Nash to provide deep liquidity and better trade execution

Qredo Network is an early-stage project that is listing on WOO X. We find out some firsthand info from the team building this Layer-2 network.

The Introduction Round:

Ben Yorke: Give us an elevator pitch on Qredo Network. …

QRDO DROP, Twitter contest, and a Discord AMA await the community as we welcome Qredo to the WOO Network ecosystem

The Wootrade monthly roundup is no more! Our new name means a new monthly roundup title, and the first month of ‘WOO Network’ saw the launch of WOO X, the WOO X Mobile Beta (iOS), Margin v2, the official referral program, and a liquidity partnership with leading global exchange KuCoin!

WOO Network will offer their institutional liquidity solution for KuCoin users, bringing deeper order books and better price execution

WOO Network’s COO, Ran Yi, said:

Since its establishment, KuCoin has excelled at growing its community…

The long-awaited mobile app for WOO X has now been released in beta version on August 20 in iOS TestFlight. This article provides download instructions, previews of what you can expect, and highlights the key design principles and features behind WOO X Mobile Beta.

To mark the beginning of the zero-fee revolution happening on WOO X, we are offering zero-fee trading for all staking tiers, a 10% margin interest discount, and a free withdrawal for each user for 2 weeks after the launch!

Our users and community have become familiar with the name Wootrade, both as a service and as a brand. However, with the WOO X launch imminent, it is time to consider what we call ourselves for the many years to come.

WOO Network ecosystem of products and services

July was another eventful month for Wootrade, hitting a total of 50 assets listed on WOO X and the institutional network, plus key tech updates leading up to the WOO X launch on August 20th

The WOO Token

Wootrade completed their monthly WOO token burn on July 10th with 121k WOO forever removed from the total supply, bringing the total burn across the first half of 2021 close to 8 million tokens. The burn can be found in this transaction:

WOO Network

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