Themes, statistics, and analysis from the final quarter of 2021, plus a look back at the progress WOO Network has made this past year


In typical WOO Network fashion, December was nothing short of a busy month! WOO DAO launch, WOO X on Android, partnerships with Avalanche and BitTorrent, WOO listing on OKEx, and so much more - all in this monthly roundup.


The WOO token now directly captures value from DeFi trading

Getting you up to speed:

WOO Network is allocating around 300m WOO tokens to the DAO’s Treasury to increase transparency and amplify WOO Network’s activity across DeFi

Overview of the initiative:

  • Increasing WOO Network’s influence across the growing DeFi ecosystem,
  • Enhancing transparency for WOO Network stakeholders,
  • Expanding WOOFi’s on-chain product suite; and
  • Actively engaging the…

November saw WOO Network headlining crypto news, following the announcement of a $30M Series A funding round, as well as a spot and futures listing on leading exchange Bybit.

October was a busy month for the WOO Network team, with the launch of WOOFi Swap, the 1-year WOO token anniversary, the beginning of the first WOO Ventures airdrop, and a partnership with Chainlink!

WOOFi Swap deploys its liquidity network and institutional market-making techniques to provide best possible pricing and reduced slippage on Binance Smart Chain

WOO Network

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