October was a busy month for the WOO Network team, with the launch of WOOFi Swap, the 1-year WOO token anniversary, the beginning of the first WOO Ventures airdrop, and a partnership with Chainlink!

WOOFi Swap deploys its liquidity network and institutional market-making techniques to provide best possible pricing and reduced slippage on Binance Smart Chain

WOO Ventures is the investment arm of WOO Network, which seeks to form strategic partnerships with projects and ecosystems. Here’s a quick rundown of our latest updates and developments.

Investment Approach

Themes, statistics, and analysis from the third quarter of 2021, plus a look ahead at future development for WOO X and other products

With decentralized derivatives volumes growing rapidly, WOO Network is positioning itself to capture the rising volumes across leading DEXs like Perpetual Protocol and explore more use-cases and trading integrations for the WOO token.

Bringing institutional liquidity to Perpetual Protocol via WOOFi

September was an eventful month for WOO Network, with the launch of WOO X Mobile on the iOS App Store, the announcement of our first WOO Ventures airdrop, and impressive network volume records fueled by our strategic DeFi liquidity partnerships

Until the end of 2021, WOO stakers on WOO X will enjoy an additional reward pool of 500K DODO, airdropped daily to their WOO X wallets. This initiative is part of how WOO Ventures is able to share rewards with WOO X stakers from identifying early-stage opportunities.

The two organizations will collaborate on a wide range of activities encompassing the DeFi and CeFi sphere, bringing better liquidity to Fantom and more volume to WOO Network

WOO Network

Disrupt markets, empower individuals

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