WOOTRADE Bi-weekly Update 2020/06/01–06/12

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2 min readJun 12, 2020


Product News:

- Email reminder function when the risk is relatively high
- Enhance connector’s rate limitation
- Increase trading pairs’ quotas
- Additional system monitoring service to maintain stability

Collaboration Update:

- Official announcement of the partnership with our new partner — Injective Protocol

WOOTRADE and Injective Protocol will carry out in-depth cooperation in liquidity management, crypto asset derivative products and market design, global business and brand expansion. The two parties will work together to break through the DEX’s user scale bottleneck.

Marketing Highlight:

- Co-founder & CEO of WOOTRADE & Kronos Research — Jack Tan’s Media Interview by Business Weekly

“We look forward to cultivating and to being the cradle of top talents in the world.” Because of unrestricted and innovative thinking, the digital asset liquidity dark pool-WOOTRADE was successfully developed and launched into the market under the collective ideas of the team.

- COO Ran Yi was invited by Winkrypto as a roundtable speaker to Global Mining Forum 2020

The dark pool is a mature business in the European and US markets, it gathers flows together and spreads the orders. At present, there are mainstream funds in the cryptocurrency market, and there is a need for sufficient liquidity. The dark pool can reduce the trading cost, slippage and trading commissions.

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